Weekend Away

On the Saturday of our annual weekend away, 16 hearty souls opened up their purse strings to play a round of golf at Hope Island.  Although the scores were not all that great (the best being 34 pts and the worst we won’t mention), everybody loved the course and vowed to go back next year.

Then the players (all but two) went on to join the remaining players for the annual BBQ at the Coomera Motor Inn where the draw for Sunday took place.  The next morning, with clear skies and plenty of sunshine (but a few sore heads), we embarked on a short journey to the Helensvale Golf Club where 24 players participated in our annual event of a Four Ball Worst Ball and the Captain –v- President Challenge.  The course proved to be a greater challenge then some thought and the task was a little bit daunting.  Most of the holes were short in distance but long in stature and plenty of water trimming the fairways.  There were mixed feelings amongst the players as to whether we will play there again.

Winners on the day were:

Four ball Worst Ball Event with scores ranging from 24 pts to 5 pts:

Winners: Chris Rose & Michael Bruggy  – 24 pts

Runners Up:  Mark Stenning and Neil Clark  – 23 points

Left Handed Mens Single Stableford:

Winner: Chris Rose – 33 pts

Runner Up: Barry Clark – 32 pts

Right Handed Mens Single Stableford:

Winner:  Mark Stenning – 33 pts

Runner Up: Alan Green – 31 pts

Ladies Single Stableford

Winner: Heather Chesham – 31 pts

Runner Up: Sue Clark – 30 pts

Mens NTPs: Roger Pocock & Mark Stenning

Ladies NTPs: Robyn Robson & Dot Rose

In the Captain –v- President Challenge, the members of the President’s Team proved to be stronger on the day and took home the trophy.

Many thanks to our sponsors, Clark Ashpalt Pty Ltd of Lismore, who so kindly sponsor the event each year.