Results for Murwillumbah

The NR Lefties Golf Association held a golf event at Murwillumbah on Sunday 5th August. 13 golfers attended a 4BBB 6/6/6 multiplier event (the Captain’s choice) on a beautiful day at a beautiful golf course.

The winners on a countback of the two juicy fruit trays were Chris Rose (31 points) and Brian Walker (29 points) for a combined total of 85 points (57 on back nine) from Barry Clark (31) and Ethan Walker (34) with a total of 85 points but unfortunately only 56 on back nine. The runner-up prize was 4 golf balls.

Other competitors scores were: Jefferey Nicholson (30) and Jules Todd (26) for a total of 77 points, Garry Ensbey (29) and Michael Bruggy (24) for a total of 76 points, Terry McBurney (19) and Dot Rose (33) for a total of 75 points, Sue Stenning (34) and *Terry McBurney (19) for a total of 73 points, Derelle Rose (28) and Peter Bruggy (25) points for a total of 70 points.

NTPs for the event: Ladies 2nd Dot Rose & 10th NIL Men 8th Ethan Walker & 14th NIL.

The next event is at Tweed/Coolongatta on the 19th August against SE QLD – our annual clash against the canetoads. NR require 16 players to contest the 4BBB event. Teams will be selected prior to the date and matched with SE QLD pairings.

NR nominated names so far are: Michael Bruggy, Barry Clark & Wendy Ward, Kevin Copas, Garry Ensbey, Heather & Phil Chesham, Chris & Dot Rose, Mark & Sue Stenning, Terry McBurney, Neil Garrett, Roger Pocock, Lynne Hay + one more name hopefully.

Thanks for supporting NR Lefties

Garry Ensbey