Northern Rivers -v- Queensland on 22 Sept 2019

It is sad to report that the Queeeeenslanders had a solid victory on the weekend and the trophy which we won last year had to be returned. A feat that our President Neil Garrett didn’t enjoy doing. NR only had two winners on the day, Dot Rose over Jeff Hogan in a singles match 34 – 33 pts and our pair winners Terry McBurnie & Garry Ensbey over Rick Robinson & Janice (a lovely old lady) 4/3.
The well travelled Dot Rose won the Northern Rivers section with 34 points followed by Barry Clark 29, Nick Walker 29, Eric Dries 28, Garry Ensbey 28, Terry McBurnie 27, Jan Lee 23, Chris Rose 23, Neil Garrett 23, Michael Bruggy 21 and Denise Simes 17.
The day was very enjoyable and friendly with SE Qld division being a very hospitable group. We look forward to next year.