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Northern Rivers -v- Queensland on 22 Sept 2019

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It is sad to report that the Queeeeenslanders had a solid victory on the weekend and the trophy which we won last year had to be returned. A feat that our President Neil Garrett didn’t enjoy doing. NR only had two winners on the day, Dot Rose over Jeff Hogan in a singles match 34 – 33 pts and our pair winners Terry McBurnie & Garry Ensbey over Rick Robinson & Janice (a lovely old lady) 4/3.
The well travelled Dot Rose won the Northern Rivers section with 34 points followed by Barry Clark 29, Nick Walker 29, Eric Dries 28, Garry Ensbey 28, Terry McBurnie 27, Jan Lee 23, Chris Rose 23, Neil Garrett 23, Michael Bruggy 21 and Denise Simes 17.
The day was very enjoyable and friendly with SE Qld division being a very hospitable group. We look forward to next year.

Results of 2019 Divisional Championships

Our Northern Rivers Divisional Championships were held at Casino on a beautiful sunny day on 14th July 2019.  18 competitors participated in the different events held.  In the major events, the Left-handers Open Champion and the Best Overall Net Score (Foundation Trophy) was won by Chris Rose with 74 shots for a net 69. The Net winner for A Grade was Tony Wilson with 73. The Ladies Champion is Dot Rose with 104 hits for a net 77.  B Grade gross winner was Eric Dries with 94 hits on a countback and a 73 net. The net winner for B Grade was Peter Bruggy on a countback with 72.

In the Right-handers section, Ethan Walker shot a 80 gross score for a net of 71 to win while Terry McBurney took away the best net score of 64. The lady winner for the righties was Jan Lee with a 99 gross score for a 83 net and Sue Stenning won the net with a score of 79.

Nearest to the pins on Par 3’s were Chris Rose on both the 12th and 17th for the men and Jules Todd on the 12th for the Ladies.  Denise Simes won the card prize for the 17th hole.

Other scores for day were:

Neil Garrett (13) 94 gross 81 net, Barry Clark (16) 99 gross 83 net, Mick Bruggy (22) 94 gross 72 net, Brian Walker (12) 90 gross 78 net, Jeff Nicholson (9) 95 gross 86 net, Mark Stenning (5) 88 gross 83 net, Derelle Rose (13) 99 gross 86 net, Jules Todd (20) 108 gross 88 net, Denise Simes (23) 114 gross 91 net.

Ballina on 23 June 2019

On a chilly & windy Sunday morning 15 members endured the cold conditions to play in our monthly competition at Ballina GC. The game played was an individual stableford event.
Results: The winner with 38 points was Lynne Hay (notice the spelling!!) with Mark Stenning as runner/up with 36 points. The NTPs winners were: 9th Tee – Barry Clark & Lynne Hay (nice shot) and 17th Tee – Roger Pocock. A card draw was done as well with Denise Simes being the lucky ball winner.  Many thanks to all participants who turned up to play on the beautiful Ballina course.

Results for Murwillumbah

The Lefties visited a dry Murwillumbah Golf Course last Sunday (14 April 2019) to play a 4BBB event. It was pleasing to see 19 players turn up to enjoy one of the best courses on the Northern Rivers. The cards were drawn with loud cries of “redraw” as Mr Consistent Barry Clark was paired with lefties champion Chris Rose. Phil Chesham had two bites of the cherry but to no avail.
RESULTS: Phil Chesham & Martin Dufficy (welcome back!) 37 points; Phil Chesham & Denise Simes 37; Mick Bruggy & Roger Pocock 37 (runner/up on countback); Dot Rose & Matthew Pocock 36; Tony Wilson & Sue Stenning 36; Mark Stenning & Jan Lee 36; Heather Chesham & Sue (visitor) 34; Peter Bruggy & Eric Dries 32; Nick Walker & Colleen Stewart 31. All good scores only to be beaten well by Mr Clark & Mr Rose with 46 points (Winners).
NTPs – 2nd hole Mark Stenning and 10th hole Heather Chesham.

Tenterfield on 10 March 2019

Ten golfers and their partners enjoyed the beautiful weather and festivities at Tenterfield recently. From all reports participants made positive comments on the condition of the golf course and on-site accommodation.
The results of Sunday play was:  Another win to the consistent Barry Clark and runner-up to Terry McBurney (I’m back!). Ball winners from a draw were Heather Chesham and Roger Pocock.  A big thank you to Michael Bruggy for stepping in as Captain for the week-end.
Our next event is on Sunday 14th April at Murwillumbah with a 9.00 am start. Please encourage others to attend.

Mullumbimby on 10 Feb 2019

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Twelve keen golfers accepted the challenges of Mullumbimby Golf Course on Sunday 10th February. The course was in great condition when considering the hot and dry weather conditions being experienced in the Northern Rivers area of late.  The main event was a single stableford with a 9 hole mystery draw held in conjunction.
The haven’t-seen-lately couple, Eric Dries and Denise Simes featured in the day’s activities. Eric carved up the course with a whirlwind 44 points to win a fruit tray. Denise needed to win the NTP 12th hole prize to compensate for the number of golf balls lost feeding the ducks, drakes and geese all around the course ha ha! Michael Bruggy had the best shot on the 5th hole.
The winner of the mystery 9 hole event was captain Garry with 49 points after a very poor start – its amazing what you can do when the head starts to clear after a big night!
Our next NR event is an overnight (or option of 2 nights) stay at Tenterfield on 8/9/10 March. We will be staying at the golf course cabins, participating in the club Sat. comp day at 10.30 am and a NR 2 person Ambrose  event on Sunday at 8.00 am

Northern Rivers NSW -v- Queensland

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Congratulations to the NR Lefties for their superb victory 4/3 over the SE Qld canetoads in our annual clash at Tweed/Coolongatta Golf course on 19th August 2018. Please accept my sincere thanks to the golfers who played and supported our association on this day. The winning pairs on the day were Barry Clark & Wendy Ward, Kevin Copas & Mick Bruggy, Roger Pocock & Heather Chesham, Lynne Hay & Phil Chesham with Barry Clark being the shining light winning the NR Lefties award.

Our Casino visit has been brought forward to the 9th September because of the October long weekend. Please arrive by 7.30am as we have to hit off by 8.00am. I could only secure six carts so those players that may have their own carts could possibly bring them along or if you wish to get fit (ha ha!) and walk you can.

Once again, thanks for supporting the NR Lefties Golf Association.

Captain Garry

Results for Murwillumbah

The NR Lefties Golf Association held a golf event at Murwillumbah on Sunday 5th August. 13 golfers attended a 4BBB 6/6/6 multiplier event (the Captain’s choice) on a beautiful day at a beautiful golf course.

The winners on a countback of the two juicy fruit trays were Chris Rose (31 points) and Brian Walker (29 points) for a combined total of 85 points (57 on back nine) from Barry Clark (31) and Ethan Walker (34) with a total of 85 points but unfortunately only 56 on back nine. The runner-up prize was 4 golf balls.

Other competitors scores were: Jefferey Nicholson (30) and Jules Todd (26) for a total of 77 points, Garry Ensbey (29) and Michael Bruggy (24) for a total of 76 points, Terry McBurney (19) and Dot Rose (33) for a total of 75 points, Sue Stenning (34) and *Terry McBurney (19) for a total of 73 points, Derelle Rose (28) and Peter Bruggy (25) points for a total of 70 points.

NTPs for the event: Ladies 2nd Dot Rose & 10th NIL Men 8th Ethan Walker & 14th NIL.

The next event is at Tweed/Coolongatta on the 19th August against SE QLD – our annual clash against the canetoads. NR require 16 players to contest the 4BBB event. Teams will be selected prior to the date and matched with SE QLD pairings.

NR nominated names so far are: Michael Bruggy, Barry Clark & Wendy Ward, Kevin Copas, Garry Ensbey, Heather & Phil Chesham, Chris & Dot Rose, Mark & Sue Stenning, Terry McBurney, Neil Garrett, Roger Pocock, Lynne Hay + one more name hopefully.

Thanks for supporting NR Lefties

Garry Ensbey


Results of 2018 Divisional Championships

Our Northern Rivers Divisional Championships were held on a damp Ballina Golf course last Sunday, 8th July 2018.  14 competitors participated in the different events held.  In the major events, the Left-handers Open Champion and the Best Overall Net Score (Foundation Trophy) was won by Chris Rose with 81 shots for a net 75. The Net winner for A Grade was Barry Clark with 76. The Ladies Champion is Dot Rose with 106 hits for a net 78 and the Ladies Net winner was Heather Chesham with a 91 net score. B Grade gross winner was Michael Bruggy with 101 hits and a 82 net. The net winner was his brother Peter with 84.

In the Right-handers section, Mark Stenning shot a 82 gross score to win while Matt Pocock took away the best net score of 76. The lady winner for the righties was Jan Lee with 102 gross score for a 87 net. Each winner of these sections received a voucher and a golf ball as a prize.

Nearest to the pins on Par 3’s were Barry Clark on the 5th, Dot Rose on the 5th and Jan Lee on the 17th (each winner received a ball as a prize).

Other scores for day were:

Neil Garrett (13) 97 gross 84 net, *Kevin Copas (19) 93 gross 74 net, Garry Ensbey (20) 107 gross 87 net, Roger Pocock (23) 105 gross 82 net, Phil Chesham (13) 99 gross 85 net.  *unqualified player

Our next event is the 6/6/6 multiplier at Murwillumbah GC on Sunday 5th August with 8.30 am START. Our annual challenge day against SE QLD is on Sunday 19th August at Tweed Heads/Coolongatta GC with tee-off time to be advised. Names have to be in prior to this event so that teams can be allocated and grouped with the Qld players. We require at least 16 players for this special occasion so please think about supporting our lefties group and encouraging others to play.

Good golfing,

Captain Garry

Iluka Results

Twelve members enjoyed the June NR Lefties Golf Day at Iluka last Sunday. A stableford event in conjunction with a mystery super nine holes was held in windy conditions.  The 18 hole stableford was won by our captain Garry Ensbey with 35 points on a countback from Neil Garrett (2 fruit- trays). Garry then nominated his prize go to the female winner, Derelle Rose who had 29 points on a countback from Jan Lee. The NTP winners were Ethan Walker on the 6th and Michael Bruggy on the 17th (1 ball each). The mystery nine hole winner was Peter Bruggy (1 ball) with 16 points on a oountback from Terry McBurney, Ethan Walker, and Jan Lee.

Our next event is the Northern Rivers Left-Handers Divisional Championships at Ballina on Sunday 8th July with a 8.30 am START. Please be there early for registration. Cost for the day will be $50 which will cover green fees, shared cart and burger & chips for lunch.

Don’t forget our two special events in August. On 5th August we visit Murwillumbah GC for a 6/6/6 multiplier event with a 8.30am START. On 19th August is our annual contest with SE QLD at Tweeds Hds/Coolongatta GC. Names are needed for this event in advance so that pairings can be made early and hopefully successfully so we can beat these canetoads for a change.